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Frank Mandarano Car Guy Italia website link.
Mandarano Balsamic Glaze and Sauce website link.
Luxury Presentations website link.
Frank Mandarano 1966/1967 - WA
Frank Mandarano 1966/1967 - WA
Rodney Brown 1967/1968 - CA
Lilnk to Boschma Research web site.
Mountain Man Mule Expeditions link.
Link to Mid Floating Design site.
Ken Chestnut 1972 - GA
Ken Wells 1969/1970 - OH
Frank White - Hillclimber Site Founder
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These are businesses owned or operated by Hillclimber veterans or their immediate families. The Hillclimber
Veterans Association encourages all Hillclimbers to patronize these businesses when possible. Rodney R. Brown
Link to Car Guy Tour Italia website. Link to Mandarano Balsamic Glaze and Sauce of Modena web site. Link to Luxury Presentations web site. Link to Hillclimber Farms web site. Link to Mid Display Floating web site.