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{B 214th


B214th "Hillclimbers" is the CH-47D "Chinook" unit based at Wheeler Army Airfield Hawaii on the Island of Oahu, Supporting the 25th Infantry Division and the State of Hawaii.{short description of image}


We are an 8 Aircraft platoon with a local flying area including the Hawaiin Island Chain.


B214th falls under the 2nd Battalion 25th Aviation regement.

CPT James Dimon is the Hillclimber Commander and 1SG Jim Thomson is the First Sergeant.

Any old or new "Hillclimbers" out there? If you are interested in finding any Vietnam and/or Post Vietnam era Hillclimber buddies, please visit the 147th Hillclimbers; The Vietnam Era website, where there's much more information and pictures from our rich heritage.

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